Script 5: Текст № 5 для прослушивания и материал для собеседования к экзамену по английскому языку

Вопросы к тексту 5

Listen to the programme and answer the questions below.

1. Where does the tour take place?

2. Whose ghost do most people see?

3. What happened to Richard and Edward?

Текст № 5 для прослушивания

Tour Guide: Welcome to our tour, Ghosts of the Tower of London, everyone. The Tower has stood on this ground since 1066, and throughout its history it has been used as a prison... which may be why today, some people say this is one of the scariest places on earth. There are many tales of ghosts here. The ghost most people see is Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII, who was beheaded on Tower Green in 1536. A headless female figure in a white dress has often been seen close to where she was executed, near Queen's House.

The Tower was also the scene of disappearance of two princes — Edward, 12, and Richard, 9, who were murdered in 1483. When their father, King Edward IV, died, his brother Richard took the boys to the Tower for their protection... but they disappeared. Nearly two hundred years later, in 1674, workmen found a chest beneath the stairway of the White Tower that contained the skeletons of two young children — recently proved by DNA testing to be the two princes.

Lady Jane Grey was just seventeen when she was executed on the 12th February 1554, after only nine days as queen to Henry VIII. Her ghost is said to appear on the anniversary of her death on the Salt Tower.

Now, let's go further into the Tower and see if we can find any of these ghosts.

Ответы на вопросы к тексту для прослушивания № 5

Listening 5

1. The tour takes place in London, the Tower of London to be exact.

2. Most people see the ghost of Ann Boleyn, the second wife of king Henry.

3. Richard and Edward-two princes were murdered and their skeletons were found two hundred years later in a chest beneath the stairway of the white Tower.

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