ГДЗ по английскому языку 11 класс  экзаменационные тексты  Тексты для чтения - текст 69 - STONE PEARL

ГДЗ по английскому языку 11 класс экзаменационные тексты Тексты для чтения - текст 69 - STONE PEARL

Издательство: Аверсэв 2016 год.

Тип: Учебник

Подробный решебник (ГДЗ) по Английскому языку за 11 (одиннадцатый) класс экзаменационные тексты - готовый ответ Тексты для чтения - текст 69 - STONE PEARL . Авторы учебника: . Издательство: Аверсэв 2016.

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Тексты для экзамена по английскому языку для Беларуси Текст № 69 STONE PEARL

When you stand below the ancient domes of the mysterious Kolozhskaya Church — also known as St. Boris and Hleb's — located on the River Nieman for several centuries, you feel the long fingers of history reaching down to you. Built in the 1180s, Kolozhskaya church is Belarus' oldest building. Now, it aims to join UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Soon, the church is to be reconstructed. The layer of earth under the church has a complex structure, being strong only at the very bottom; the above lying sands washed away by passing water. What is more, the church suffered from landslides in the 19th century, with half of its walls falling into the River Nieman. Half of the church building in Grodno has survived, while the other is lost. Much work lies ahead. Everything that remains of the ancient church will be carefully restored, with help from Polish and Russian specialists.

We can sec the initial appearance of St. Boris and Hleb's Church by studying Makowski and Ziindt engravings from the 16—17th centuries, as well as a photo taken in 1853 by Mikhail Kulesh and a mid-19th century photo. The original Kolozha walls are to be preserved without much interference while the ruined parts will be reconstructed by using traditional methods. Meanwhile, the existing historical constructions are the first to be reinforced: the northern wall and a fragment of the altar, as well as the foundations of the church, need to be supported.

The church is to be equipped with the necessary modern facilities inside: under- floor heating, lighting, ventilation and an alarm system. These will ensure the future safety of the building, with the under-floor heating keeping the environment at a constant temperature.

Parish* facilities are to be built 70m from Kolozhsky Park's main avenue, offering Sunday school classes, a prayer hall, a baptismal room and a library. These will host divine services while restoration takes place.

2. The author explains why the church needs to be reconstructed. Find this extract and read it aloud.

3. How do the scientists know what the church looked like before?

4. Why will the church have all the modern facilities?

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