64 по английскому языку за 9 класс  Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков

№64 по английскому языку за 9 класс Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков

авторы: Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков


Английский 9 класс Лапицкая страница 64

4) misses classes, or gets behind with work,

5) avoids friends, or hangs out with kids who use drugs,

6) sells their things or steals yours!

7) is very moody and behaves in ways which are unlike their usual behaviour,

8) gets upset or really depressed,

9) has problems with sleeping or getting out of bed,

10) is sick or shaky,

11) changes eating habits - maybe too much or not enough, or eats at 'different' times,

12) puts on weight or quickly loses weight.

2c Do you think Jane made the right decision to phone Teenage Helpline? Why?

3d Read the e-mails Jane and Mary were exchanging. Answer the questions: What can be addictive? What is physical addiction? What is psychological addiction?

1. Mary, I am afraid what you said might be true. What shall I do?

2. Jane, you cannot really help someone who has an addiction. That person has to help himself. All you can do is show that you care, tell those grown ups you trust about the problem, and be ready to praise every small step taken to stop the addiction.

3. Mary, I decided to talk to my parents first but I want to know more about the problem before I do it.

4. You are right, Jane, but don't wait too long, as the longer you wait the more difficult it may be to sort it out. I attached the information you might find useful.

Types of addiction

There are two types of addiction.

1 Physical addiction is when a person's body becomes dependent on something and wants more and more of whatever it is to be able to feel OK. Trying to give up can make that person suffer withdrawal symptoms1 which can


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