61 по английскому языку за 9 класс  Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков

№61 по английскому языку за 9 класс Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков

авторы: Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков


Английский 9 класс Лапицкая страница 61

2b. Read the text again and find answers to the following questions.

1. How many chemicals does a cigarette contain? 2. How many children start smoking every day? 3. How often do people die from smoking? 4. How many people die from smoking every year? 5. Why do people who smoke look older than non-smokers?

No one in their right mind will have a cocktail made from rat poison, insecticide and nail polish remover. Then why breathe it into your body? Do you know, cigarette smoke contains over 4000 chemicals including around 46 carcinogens [ka:'sin9d33nz], some of which are hydrogen cyanide (found in rat poison), nicotine (used in insecticide), acetone (found in nail polish remover), formaldehyde used to embalm dead bodies and still more. All these chemicals are breathed into the body while smoking a cigarette.

One out of ten men in the world is a smoker and every 8 seconds someone dies because of this habit. According to the statistics, smoking kills around 5 million people a year.

Nicotine in tobacco gets to the brain through blood stream just 10 seconds after a person starts smoking.

Smoking influences different people in a different way. More than 40 diseases are associated with smoking; it increases the risk of cancer, bronchitis, heart diseases, etc. Nicotine decreases the oxygen carrying capacity (cnocoSHOcrb) of blood. The immune system of an active smoker is so bad that they take more time to recover from any disease.

increase - decrease -

Vitamin C is destroyed (pa3pyxnaeTCH) by smoking. This is the reason why an active smoker usually looks older than their non-smoker friend. According to studies, an active smoker is likely to live fourteen years less than non-smokers.

Smoking not only affects active smokers, but also affects the so-called passive smokers as well. If somebody smokes in the room, children below 1 years of age can get bronchitis and pneumonia.

It is never too late to start anything or stop anything. Deciding to stop smoking is deciding to choose a healthy way of life. The body can go back to its normal position after you say


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