192 по английскому языку за 9 класс  Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков

№192 по английскому языку за 9 класс Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков

авторы: Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков


Английский 9 класс Лапицкая страница 192

The coastal marshes that surround the rivers have a lot of food for fish. Fish are plentiful here. Everything is quiet, and I can only hear the water splashing against my boat. I put a fly on the line, and it begins its beautiful journey. The fly sinks deep. A moment later the rod bends, and the water erupts in an explosion. The air is full of fish. The beautiful fish is at the side of the boat. I admire the silver fish with its huge eyes staring at me, and after a short moment I let it go back to the waters of the gulf.

The weather is absolutely marvellous. The water is clear and flat and shines in the sun. I can see right to the bottom and watch the turtle in the river.

It is times like this that you wonder what you have done right in your life to have such a fabulous gift.

2.1 enjoy vegetable gardening. I really think it's a relaxing recreational activity.

You can use your backyard or front lawn1, but if you are living in a flat, you might have to grow your vegetables or herbs in containers on

your windows or on the balcony.

You should take into account that most plants want lots of sunshine, regular watering, support and rich soils. All of them will need your care, some of them more, some less. But of course you have to look at the amount of time you have, before you decide what type of plants you want to grow. If you are a beginner, growing peas, carrots, cucumbers and beans are the easiest.

But there are a few benefits as well. You will enjoy the fruits of your labour, save some money on buying vegetables and eat fresh and healthy food.

3.1 am a dedicated mushroom-picker all through the summer to autumn. For some it is sport, for some it's a matter of some extra money. For yet others, it's the way to spend some good time with family, among beautiful woods, which have prepared


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