131 по английскому языку за 9 класс  Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков

№131 по английскому языку за 9 класс Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков

авторы: Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков


Английский 9 класс Лапицкая страница 131


Because of its huge (very big) size the US climate is incredibly1 varied. If there is a 'general' climate then it is temperate, but it is also tropical in Florida and Hawaii , arctic in Alaska, arid in the Great Basin of the southwest and semi-arid in the Great

Plains to the west of the Mississippi River.

The temperatures range from 57 °C during the summer months in California's Death Valley to -62 °C in Alaska, with lots of different temperatures in between.


Belarus has a temperate-continental climate which is typical of Central Europe, with hot summers, long, cold winters and very distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is about 7 °C. Annual average rainfall is about 600 mm. It can rain throughout the year.

In general, there are no significant differences between the districts of Belarus, due to the small size of the country.

The climate is conditioned by the country's inland location, domination of flat relief and relative remoteness from the Atlantic Ocean.

Say what is typical of each country's climate and why. Use 2-3 sentences.

Which of the climates would you enjoy? Which climates would you like to experience? Discuss in pairs and with the class.

You want to invite your new friend from the International Weather Camp to your place. Write a letter about the weather in different seasons for your friend to choose the best time.


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