233 по английскому языку за 11 класс  Н.В. Юхнель, Е.Г. Наумова, Н.В. Демченко

№233 по английскому языку за 11 класс Н.В. Юхнель, Е.Г. Наумова, Н.В. Демченко

авторы: Н.В. Юхнель, Е.Г. Наумова, Н.В. Демченко


Учебник по английскому языку 11 класс Н.В. Юхнель. Страница 233


Work in small groups. Follow the steps below to produce a travel


1. Planning stage

• Look at sample brochures you or your class have collected. Identify those that have a style or format you might like to imitate or borrow.

• Decide on the sight in Belarus, you are going to produce a brochure for.

• Collect as much information about this sight as possible (its location, history, events schedule, working times, pictures and publication about it in English, etc. Reviews from visitors and amateur photographs may also be of use.)

• Put all the information you've found together. Distribute the work between your team members.

2. Formation stage

• Note down the main features of your sight that you want to highlight in the brochure.

• Create a list of topics to include in the brochure and write the information to be provided under each topic.

• Write headlines and subheads. Write the descriptive text. Make lists.

• Write short, concise sentences, being careful to use proper punctuation, spelling and grammar.

3. Design stage

• Select the photos for inclusion in the travel brochure. Your photos need to convey a story that complements the text you wrote. Also remember that people love to look at pictures of other people's faces so include as many face photos as possible.

• Lay out the travel brochure by placing the copy, photos and other graphics in a sensible, logical manner. Again, have your staff and a member of the organization whose brochure you're creating look it over again as a final proof.


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