232 по английскому языку за 11 класс  Н.В. Юхнель, Е.Г. Наумова, Н.В. Демченко

№232 по английскому языку за 11 класс Н.В. Юхнель, Е.Г. Наумова, Н.В. Демченко

авторы: Н.В. Юхнель, Е.Г. Наумова, Н.В. Демченко


Учебник по английскому языку 11 класс Н.В. Юхнель. Страница 232

- Western part of Belarus within Grodno and Brest provinces along the state border with Poland and partially on the territory of Poland.

- name comes from Belovezha Castle ("belo" - "white" and "vezha" - "tower" in Polish and Belarusian) situated in Poland.

- area of 85 000 hectares (from North to South - 65 km and from West to East for 10 to 30 km.

- protected area since the 15th century (was reserved exclusively for hunting for Polish kings (1410-1794) and Russian tsars (1794-1914).

- 900 species of plants, 55 species of mammals, more than 200 species of birds, 11 species of amphibia, 7 species of reptiles, the biggest animal in Europe - European bison called "zu- br" in Belorussian.

- a museum (paintings with episodes of medieval hunting, stuffed animals from Pushcha, etc), restaurant with exotic dishes, special hedged areas and cages with bisons, elks, wild boars, volves, foxes, bears, etc.

- 1979, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Biosphere Reserve.

- Great Mamamuszi. 690 cm, height 34 m. One of the thickest oaks in the forest, beautiful column-like trunk.

- By bus (shuttle buses Brest - Kamenets - Kameniuky) Bus station inquiry: 114

- By car (from Brest - take Brest-Kameniuky Highway (P83) - 65 km).

- hotel, zoo, museum at the National Park Headquarters at Kameniuki.

- Ded Moroz (operates all year round), residence created by Belarusian masters, gained great popularity.

- "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" restaurant.

4 a) Work in groups. Decide which information block each student

is going to write.

b) Work individually. Write an information block for the brochure

about Belovezhskaya Pushcha using the facts above.

c) Work in groups. Put your information together to make a



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