183 по английскому языку за 11 класс  Н.В. Юхнель, Е.Г. Наумова, Н.В. Демченко

№183 по английскому языку за 11 класс Н.В. Юхнель, Е.Г. Наумова, Н.В. Демченко

авторы: Н.В. Юхнель, Е.Г. Наумова, Н.В. Демченко


Учебник по английскому языку 11 класс Н.В. Юхнель. Страница 183

3. Things that tourist can see and do there.

4. The history of the castle.

Look at the words in bold and find the synonyms for the words below.

Beautiful, interesting, popular, big.

Read the project of Sophie's classmate. Whose project is better? Why?

This is Lida Castle (Lidskiy zamok). It was very big and popular castle in the eastern Europe in the Middle Ages. It is in the north-east of Grodno region. It was very important for Belarusian history because it was situated on the boarder of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Lida Castle was built in the early 14th century by Grand Duke Gediminas of Lithuania. It's an interesting fact that Lida Castle was build with red bricks. So the history of the castle is about seven centuries long. During all these centuries a lot of changes were made in the castle. A lot of battles and wars took place around Lida castle. But in 1891 it was badly damaged in a fire.

In the 1920s work began to restore some of the castle walls. On January 22, 1940 the Castle of Lida was given the status of an archeological monument and in 1953 the castle was taken under state protection.

Today a lot of tourists come to Lida to see beautiful places around the castle ruins. You can come here at any time of the year. Visitors can watch very interesting knights' tournaments during the summer so you can see what the life in the Middle Ages was like. In the winter time the inner yard of the castle is transformed into an ice-skating rink.

Work in groups (one group - one paragraph). Use the underlined phrases and adjectives from Sophie's project (ex. 2b) to improve her friend's writing.


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