205 по английскому языку за 9 класс  Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков

№205 по английскому языку за 9 класс Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков

авторы: Л.М. Лапицкая, Н.В. Демченко, А.В. Волков


Английский 9 класс Лапицкая страница 205

This fight makes the main characters take action, and through this action we become part of a different life, very fast and full of adventures. Besides, we have information that people lack in real life. We know what's going to happen, or what the other characters think, because we see them in different situations, we always follow them.

Together with the main characters we learn something new from their experiences, and together with them we become different - better, stronger, cleverer, wiser. Together with the main character we might suffer the loss of our dearest and nearest. But to stop the pain we simply wake up from our dreams and jump back to Earth. What can be more pleasant and exciting?

The text can be divided into two main parts. Each part starts with a question. Answer the questions for the first and second parts of the text.

Work in pairs. In the text find the reasons why people enjoy reading books and watching movies. Compare with the rest of the class.

4 Do you think the people who spend a lot of time on these leasure time activities are very successful in life? How can you answer the last question of the text?

Work in pairs. Write a 10-sentence summary of the text, using one sentence about each paragraph and expressing your opinion.

Does this text help you to explain your findings about the most popular leisure time activities? Can you offer any other explanation?

Lesson 9 The trip of my life

Organise a role play "The trip of my life".

Split in two groups:

1) Travel agency specialists. You consult clients who want to make a trip to another country and want to know a lot of things. Your task is to sell as many tours as possible.


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